Monday, January 16, 2012

The Job Hunt is On...

Boy, do I feel old... I went OUT with multiple copies of my resume (which is something job seekers did in the olden days to impress potential employers) and was told at every turn that hiring is now done online.  How, pray tell, would you DARE hire someone from the internet.  Isn't that the place where people can create a persona completely different from what they actually are?!  Ugh.  I hate job hunting.

Keller Williams Realty Marketing Manager?
Avon Lady? - is this even a real job???
Dillard's Sales Associate?
Jet Blue Reservationist (from the comfort of my house) - not hiring

These just sound like poo to me! :(


  1. Can't a job wait til summer is over? Then we can come down and play!

  2. There's not a thing in this world we'd rather do than to spend a summer playing with y'all!! :P